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Whether you’re a freelancer working on your own or a manager at a big corporate firm, if you don’t watch your back when it comes to the way you work, things can get a little complicated and messy.

The thing is, a key to success is being efficient and productive. Minimalism is a way to do just that. It’s a mindset and a tool you can use to cut out the tasks you simply don’t need and make room for focus.

In this article, you’ll find out why it’s important not to over complicate, the positive side effects of applying minimalism at work and how can go about doing just that.

The positive side effects of applying minimalism at work

Minimalism is about stripping everything down, keeping things simple and only holding on to things that truly add value.

Applying minimalism to both your life and work will allow you to have:

  • Less mental stress
  • A clear overview
  • Increased Focus
  • Boosted Productivity

Now let’s get into simple steps how you can apply minimalism at work.

Clear desktop – clear mind

Are you one of those people that saves pretty much everything on your desktop? I know I am – which is why I need to do a regular desktop clearing session. Divide your contents into folders such as pictures, important information, work, personal and start dragging and dropping. Every time you open an item ask yourself the question “do I really need this screenshot (or whatever it is) again?”

You have to be tough – in most cases, you won’t ever need it again. And if you decide you do need it, ensure you save it into the correct folder and name it so it shows up in your search tab or it’ll be forever lost.

Once you’re done, your screen should actually show the pic known as your desktop background and only a few folders should be neatly clustered in the corner.

You will feel a rush of adrenaline and satisfaction once you’re done – trust me. Also, try adding a monthly reminder to your calendar so you get into the habit of doing it regularly.

Perform a task as simple as possible

I’ve often been sitting in a meeting discussing ideas and projects and all of a sudden we are talking about real in-depth stuff that is waaaaay too complex for the stage of the project you’re in.

I find that you learn to perfect this the more experience you have. But keep your projects and tasks simple, a la minimum viable product, and you can always scale up from there. By overcomplicating things, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. It’s better to pull it off simple and amazing than complicated and meh.

Avoid another tool

How often have I heard that “we need a tool for this” or even suggested it myself? Here’s the deal – the tool isn’t going to make you better at your work. Because the tool is only as good as the person using it.

So try to use 2-3 tools max at your workplace and watch every god damn video on youtube you can find to use it.

Trust me it can do a lot more than you think and start discovering how you can apply the same tool to other areas of your work. For example, I started using Trello for my work project management tool, my personal to-do list, and my social media planning calendar.

Oh, and did I mention that a pen and paper works too? No need for high tech everything.

Ask yourself: “does this task truly add value?”

Do you see that long list of to-dos you’ve written down there?

I want you to go through it, once a week and ask yourself – how does this contribute to my long-term goals? Will this matter in 3 months or a year?

Your answer to those questions will help you determine just how important or urgent that task is.

Often tasks I subconsciously leave on my to-do list and don’t do are taken care of the following week, without any action of mine. What helps to keep you in check is listing your quarterly, yearly and lifetime goals next to your to-dos and often reminding yourself of the bigger picture.


I do hope you can apply these simple but great minimalistic strategies at work so you can live a happier, less stress filled and simple life that contains work that truly adds value! Let me know your thoughts on this topic, so go ahead and drop a comment below.

About Olivia Scheibelreiter

Olivia is a 25-year-old freelance Copywriter and Content Manager living it up in Vienna. She’s a kid with two homes - Ireland and Austria - and a globetrotter at heart. With her it’s all about reading books, listening to podcasts and talking to people that inspire her to get her sh*t together in all things life and career - a life which, by the way, she likes to open up about over on the livi life. About 2 years ago she stumbled across Konmari and the minimalists and has been practicing minimalism ever since. It has helped her become a less stressed, tidier and more efficiently functioning human. Feel free to connect with her on Instagram, or on Linkedin and Facebook.

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