Is there an app for this awesome platform?

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Unfortunately, at this point, we don’t provide an app to use it from your phone, BUT you can use this platform easily while on the road.

Thanks to our responsive developed website you can use it through your phone’s browser and quickly add it to your home screen with a few easy steps.

For iPhones

  • Search for the website through your web browser on your phone or click directly on that link. (e.g. Safari)
  • You can do so by tapping the search bar at the top of the screen, typing in a search term or website, and tapping Go in your iPhone’s keyboard.
  • In safari tap the”Share” button. It’s the box with an upward-facing arrow coming out of it at the bottom of the screen. Doing so will bring up a menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “Add to Home Screen”. You’ll do so by swiping left over the grey options near the bottom of the pop-up menu.

  • Type in a new name for your shortcut if you wish. You can delete the current name by tapping the small, grey “x” in the far-right side of the name field at the top of the screen. Change the name if you want to, then click “Add”.

For Android

Coming soon.

About Bettina Wittmann

Bettina Wittmann is the founder and meetup host of WE WORK LOCATION INDEPENDENT - AUSTRIA - the first community for (aspiring) location independents & entrepreneurs in Austria.
She is the founder of the social media & growth agency weBOUND marketing operating in a remote team for international clients in the eCommerce space.
When she is not running her business she is also a speaker at digital nomad, marketing and entrepreneur conferences worldwide.
Bettina became location independent in January 2016.