How can I review a listing I’ve visited before?

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All our places are carefully selected by people who are just like you.

They have visited that place before and reviewed their experience on our platform.

We only feature favorite places, not just everyone. Furthermore, we are excluding listings with bad ratings to prevent you from any bad experience.

This is why it is so important to rate a place when you’ve visited it before and share your knowledge with other users.

To write a review for one of our locations to work from and host meetings, first click on the listing you’d like to review. You can either review as a guest or with your logins.

Then scroll to “Rate & Write a Review“ and rate the place and upload photos that eventually that will be featured in the gallery on the right below the cover photo and add a description.

How to make any review helpful for our website:

  • Rate with starts. 6 is the best and 1 is worst.
  • You can add photos that support your experience. Those will be added to the gallery.
  • Description (also called Comment): Think of anything that you would like to know when searching for a place.
  • What is it that you liked and why would you recommend it to others?
    • What could be improved?
    • What is unique about this place?
    • Where did you sit when experiences the greatness or issues you are talking about? (e.g. outside, inside, corner etc.)
    • What day or date was it? How long was it? Were you there for 30 minutes or all day long?
    • What did you do there? Was it a meeting? Did you work there?
    • And so on.

Add your name, your email and your website (optional) so people know who you are, eventually can connect with you and you’ll be notified if someone is replying to your review.


Note: If you can’t find the place you are looking for, we may not have listed it yet. Find the link to add a new listing and follow the instructions.

After you submit your review it will be marked as pending. Your review will be processed in a few business days.

About Bettina Wittmann

Bettina Wittmann is the founder and meetup host of WE WORK LOCATION INDEPENDENT - AUSTRIA - the first community for (aspiring) location independents & entrepreneurs in Austria.
She is the founder of the social media & growth agency weBOUND marketing operating in a remote team for international clients in the eCommerce space.
When she is not running her business she is also a speaker at digital nomad, marketing and entrepreneur conferences worldwide.
Bettina became location independent in January 2016.