We all only have 24 hours in each day – Don’t waste any of them on finding work locations.

 Our mission 

To provide anybody with a place to work from when they need it, where they need it.

The Why’s of We Work Location Independent

Working location independent for almost 3 years now, Bettina has quickly learned to call various cafés, squares, and restaurants her “office for the day”. When traveling abroad in the past for about 3 years on end she eventually grew used to the struggle of finding the right place to work from.

But it shouldn’t be that way. Why wasn’t there a platform helping remote workers and digital nomads to find the right place to work from based on their needs or meet up with potential business partners at yet?

Talking to friends and family, she soon realized that she wasn’t the only person aching for a platform addressing this issue.

Eventually, she decided to take matters in hand herself and created a directory full of places to work from fitting each individual’s needs and to have a business meeting at locations that will also impress the invited guest.

And this is where the story of weworklocationindependent.com started to gain momentum.

The What’s of We Work Location Independent

WeWorkLocationIndependent.com is THE platform that has been missing from every location independent person’s life up until now:

An ever-growing collection of cafés, restaurants, bars or squares that let them discover new places to work from when those severe cases of cabin fever hit after working for days on end from their home desk.

At the same time, there also is a great selection of places to host business meetings at that will leave a lasting impression on the business partners.


WE WORK LOCATION INDEPENDENT is the first platform of its kind that lets anyone list their favorite, relevant places to work from or host business meetings at. This is highly relevant, as the concept of working remotely is on the up and up.

Nevertheless, Remote workers are still a minority and so far, nobody has taken their time to help them facilitate their life as there’s still a lack of tools that address all their needs.

We see you struggling – and decided to help you out with creating this platform.


We also recognize that you have your own requirements for a workplace. That’s why you’re able to scan all the listings with the label-function to find the ideal location that fits all your individual needs.


The goal is to provide a site that is focusing on creating a collection of possibilities to spend the workday or have business meetings at. But WE WORK LOCATION INDEPENDENT is much more:

We help you get in touch with like-minded people to share your thoughts, experience, and expertise with. In the long run, this might not only introduce you to strong friendship bonds but also engaging business contacts.


The Founder: Bettina Wittmann


Having always had a feeling that the “traditional way of working” wasn’t exactly her thing, Bettina traveled around the world for 3 years, while founding her digital marketing agency.

After realizing the lack of a proper tool for remote workers to find places to work from, Bettina took it into her own hands and launched weworklocationindependent.com!

Bettina is a real powerhouse and responsible for most of the features accessible on the website.

The web programmer: Marc

This platform would’ve never ever been possible without our beloved web programmer, Marc. He is the one responsible for this website being up and running – Without him, We Work Location Independent wouldn’t be what it is today.

Marc is self-employed, working remotely with several companies. As this requires him to find good places to work from, he sees WWLI as a godsend for everybody that works remotely. This is also the reason why he fully supports the project.

The girl Friday: Nina

Nina is the newest addition to our team. Currently, she is trying to find her ideal career path and has therefore started assisting Bettina with everything related to We Work Location Independent.
She is responsible for the social media content, maintaining the friendly and helpful tone on the platform, organizing upcoming meetups and keeping the copywriting of the website in a fresh condition.